The Momentum Planner

The Momentum Planner is designed to support you in making massive changes in your life in 90 days!

You will create your unique life vision and the goals required to get you there. You will learn how to use your own powerful why to propel change.

You will learn to focus on a maximum of 3 things during one 90-day cycle and use them to create building blocks for accomplishment.

  • 90-day goals – 30-day goals – and weekly goals build a pattern of success and accomplishment.

  • The power to achieve everything you have committed to comes in your daily activity as you come to understand the power that comes from keeping commitments to yourself. Gratitude, inspiration, action steps (not a “to-do” list but concrete actions that will lead to the accomplishment of weekly goals), accountability, and daily learning are a part of using each day to move you forward.

  • Each night you will set a priority for the next day.

Are You Ready to Take Your
Life to the Next Level?

Set sail today on creating the future of your dreams

Your Daily Page in Your Momentum Planner

Change your daily plan and as you follow it you will begin to see massive changes happening in your life.

From Vision to Reality

One Day at a Time

Each day begins with a different inspirational quote. Then you will be asked to identify what you are grateful for this morning. Next comes your action plan for the day – one to three concrete actions that will move you forward toward your goals for the week. It will also remind you to record why those actions are important to you.

When evening comes it is time for accountability. What did you accomplish today (from your action plan)? What did you learn? Why does it matter? What are you grateful for at the close of the day and what will your priority be tomorrow?

On the right-hand page schedule appointments – start where it works for you whether you are a lark or an owl. Add a “to-do” list and feel free to do some journaling if that appeals to you.

Neal A Maxwell said, “Moments are molecules of eternity.” Life is nothing more than a series of moments strung together. Plan your moments and build the life of your dreams.

Tips & Tricks

This is 18 pages packed full of information on how to get the most out of your Momentum Planner and build momentum for change. You’re worth it! Do it now!

Ada LLoyd

Author, Speaker, Life Catalyst and Founder of FINALLY! FULLY ALIVE NOW.

Ada has a passion for personal growth and development and the capacity we have to change our lives through the choices we make. As she struggled to find hope and healing from childhood sexual abuse and other traumas, she developed tools and resources to give her the power to heal and reclaim a joyful and productive life. Her commitment is to share those tools with others so they too can move from beyond the status quo to joy, accomplishment, and productivity.

The Momentum Planner began as a personal tool to keep Ada focused and on track moving forward as she sought to make the changes she wanted to make in her own life. Later she introduced the concepts in it to her coaching clients. They loved it! They always had breakthroughs and aha moments during their calls but struggled to maintain focus and momentum between calls.

It first was introduced to the general public on Amazon in the spring of 2018. Listen to what some of the verified Amazon purchasers have had to say about this unique tool.

  • “Easy to use, organized. The planner is different than any I have used before. It gives me a place to write my goals and my why. Then it breaks it down into easy-to-use monthly and daily pages. I can always look back and refocus. Wonderful inspirational quotes. I would buy again.” misfit is such a verified purchaser.

  • Love it!!! I can’t rave enough about how much I love this planner. It has helped me to kick start my new homeschooling/ and work schedule in a much more organized and stress-free way. Great quality and fun color! Will buy it again and would give it to others as a gift for sure!” Jackson verified purchaser

  • “Focus & Accountability. I love it….It is helping me focus on what is important to me. It helps me think about the changes I want to make in my life. I like that it makes me accountable so I am more likely to make changes. I enjoy the quotes every day – work as a reminder to focus on achieving the goals I want to make.” L. deBernardi verified the purchaser.

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