Overcome Feelings of Being Overwhelmed

When it feels like life is falling short of the life we want to have, that we are striving to have, that we think we deserve to have, it is only natural to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  We feel torn in too many directions and like it is not possible to do everything on our “to do” list. We may ask why?  We may feel life is not fair.  Others seem to manage to juggle everything gracefully. We struggle to understand why they can and we can’t.

Did You Procrastinate Yesterday?

Often those feelings come as a result of yesterday’s choices.  We are overwhelmed and frustrated and filled with regret that we didn’t take advantage of an opportunity, that we procrastinated doing something that is now biting us in the butt, or hindsight is now pointing out the error of our ways.

There is absolutely nothing we can do to change the past.  Our circumstances today are the result of thousands and tens of thousands of small and large decisions we have made in the past.  Our today is the cumulative result of all of those choices and while we cannot change them, we can certainly learn from them. 

Nevertheless, once we have extracted the lessons from the past that are meaningful today, or in the future, there is nothing to be gained by agonizing over them.   When we do that we lose today.  Being overwhelmed as a consequence of yesterday’s choices does nothing to alleviate the pain and challenge of today.

Are You Dreaming About Tomorrow?

It is fun to dream about all of the wonderful things we will experience in the future.  Dreams don’t materialize unless they become goals with solid action plans to bring them to fruition.  Plan for tomorrow.  Build a solid foundation for your dreams for your tomorrows but don’t live there. 

A plan with a clear road map forward and the clarity and commitment to make mindful choices will allow those dreams to become your reality and can go a long way towards elimination feelings of being overwhelmed in the future.  The Momentum Planner is designed to help you on this journey .

CLICK HERE to learn how The Momentum Planner, the premium undated planner, is designed specifically for you.  It will help you create your personal road map and then insure daily progress towards your goals.  Plan for tomorrow, nevertheless, don’t live in tomorrow.  When you do that, you lose today.

Making Mindful Decisions Today

It is only today where we can live and experience life.  It is only today when we have the power to change our choices and begin to move beyond feelings of being overwhelmed.  The most frequent question I get is that “Well that sounds great but how do I do it?”

  • When you have clarity about the life you want (the future) and you have created your unique definition of success you can create your personal road map. 
  • You then know what things are in alignment with your goals and your values.
  • Using that as a mindful filter to learn to only say yes  to that which is in alignment with your unique definition of success (this is not selfish…more about this next week) you will find that feelings of being overwhelmed will gradually disappear.

CLICK HERE to learn more about how I can help you overcome these feelings of being overwhelmed and learn how and when to say no and when to say yes..  Like so many other things it seems impossible until someone teaches you simple hacks and then you wonder why you didn’t think of that before, because it seems so logical.

One of my favorite quotes is from Neal A. Maxwell.  He said “Moments are the molecules of eternity”.  Think about the moments you have today.  Do you invest them in the future you say you want?  Do you invest them in things that matter the most to you?  Perhaps you squander them “because you don’t really have time to do anything productive”….so you open your phone and play a game.  Snippets of time can still be productive …. especially when you recognize that they frequently pop up as you are waiting for something or someone. 

Invest in you.  Invest in leaving overwhelmed in the rear view mirror. Invest in your dreams. Invest in making your future the fulfillment of your dreams.  Use today to create the tomorrow you want. Think how joyful would be today if you weren’t overwhelmed by yesterday’s choices.   Use those moments wisely.  You’re worth it.  Those you love you and whom you love deserve it.