Making Mindful Decisions Will End Procrastination

Procrastination derails more goals and more good intentions than any other obstacle.  Yet it can be stopped with one word to a large degree,  That word is NO. But how can that be?

Use Your Unique Definition of Success to Make Mindful Decisions

When you use your unique definition of success as a mindful filter you will know when to say yes and when to say no.  If something is in alignment with your unique definition of success you say yes. If it is not in alignment with your unique definition of success you say no.

The 7 Pillars of a Happy & Successful Life  are the foundation on which your unique definition of a happy and a successful life is built.  

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This means you will say no to good things and to good friends.  That is not a bad thing.  It is not a selfish thing.  It means that you recognize that you can make the greatest contribution to your life, to your friends and family and to the world when you have the resources of time, energy and money to devote to things that are in alignment with your unique definition of success. 

These are things that are great for you. When you say yes to good you are putting yourself in a position where you will have to say no to great.  Often you will feel that it is so important that you will manage to do both.  This is buying fools gold   It leads to feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed.  It will ultimately lead to procrastination. 

You are at a crossroads.

So Do You Avoid Procrastination or Choose Procrastination?

Why would anyone choose procrastination when they could avoid it instead?  The answer…..drum roll….. we want to believe we are capable of being superwoman (or superman) and accomplishing extraordinary feats of strength and endurance.  Unfortunately that is not a realistic option in real life.  

Our resources of time, energy and money are limited.  Because we are honorable people we are committed to keeping our commitments to other people.  We will support them and do everything required that is good to that end.  They are happy but we are exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed. 

Our great has been procrastinated while we were focused on another’s good.  When we decided to play superwoman (or superman) we made that choice.  Now feeling exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed and with more obligations coming down the pike the natural human reaction is to say “Accomplishing … so important to me it needs to be done right.  I will get back to it as soon as…”.  Does this sound familiar?

Stop!.  Not Making a Mindful Decision Set You Up to Procrastinate

When you said yes to good you created a perfect storm for procrastination.  As you learn to say no to good and yes to great three amazing things happen almost of their own volition.

  • Stress disappears.
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed disappear. 
  • Procrastination disappears.

Why would you choose to procrastinate doing those things that matter most to you, the things you know you were born to do?  Are you ready to change this?

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Turning your back on your hopes, your dreams, and the things that you were born to do not only cheats you and those you love but it cheats the world out on the brilliance that only you can share. Embrace your dreams.  Embrace all you have to give.  Choose to avoid procrastination by choosing to say NO!