Frustrated … Overwhelmed … Or Both?

So often it feels like life is not following the script. It feels as though we are on an endless hamster wheel. We keep trying to run faster but our level of exhaustion and frustration exceeds our progress. When it feels like life is falling short of the life we want to have, that we are striving to have, that we think we deserve to have, it is only natural to feel frustrated.  We may ask why?  We may feel life is not fair.  We are desperate to change it yet feel powerless to do so.

20/20 Hindsight

How often have you looked back and said “I wish I had …..” or  “If only I had …”.  We may feel frustrated as we recognize missed opportunities. There is absolutely nothing we can do to change the past.  The best that we can hope for as a result of 20/20 hindsight is the knowledge to help us avoid those mistakes going forward.    

Our circumstances today are the result of thousands and tens of thousands of small and large decisions we have made in the past.  Our today is the cumulative result of all of those choices.  Once we have extracted the lessons from the past that are meaningful today, or in the future, there is nothing to be gained by agonizing over it.  That is a waste of focus and energy that acts to compound our error resulting in us losing today also.

Dreaming for the Future

It is fun to dream about all of the wonderful things we will experience in the future. It is a stress-free retreat into utopia. It is a time free of  frustration  and feeling overwhelmed.  The dream doesn’t include juggling balls and watching some of them go crashing to earth.

The problem is dreams don’t materialize unless they become goals with solid action plans to bring them to fruition.  Plan for tomorrow. Create a road map with specific actions designed to get you there.  That may become the rock-solid foundation for your dreams becoming tomorrow’s reality.  Nevertheless, don’t live in tomorrow.  As enticing as that is, when you do that, you lose today.

Only Today is Real

It is only today where we can live and experience life.  One of my favorite quotes is from Neal A. Maxwell.  He said “Moments are the molecules of eternity”.  Think about the moments you have today.  How are you using them?  Are you accomplishing something today that brings you joy?  Are you accomplishing something that brings you closer to a goal? 

Do you invest some of those moments in laying the foundation for your future?  Do you invest those moments in building the things that matter the most to you?  Perhaps you squander them “because you don’t really have time to do anything productive”….so you open your phone and play a game.  Snippets of time can still be productive….when you choose to recognize their potential. 

Invest in you.  Invest in your future.  Use today to create the tomorrow you want. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can move beyond feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You will learn how to use those moments wisely.  You’re worth it.  Those you love you and whom you love deserve it. This is your time.  Do it now.

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